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Cerberus Code of Conduct


As fans we are always in the public spotlight, and represent not only ourselves, but our fire team, our unit, and fandom as a whole. As a result, we must always strive to be on our best behavior and to embody the ideals we hold dear. If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, feel free to contact your Chain of Command.

  • I will always behave in a manner that brings credit to the unit, my fire team and myself.
  • I will always praise in public and critique in private.
  • I will show courtesy to my subordinates, fellow officers and superior officers at all times.
  • I will never assume, but always verify.
  • I will be resolute in the performance of my duty and the execution of Hive policy and regulation.
  • I will always defuse confrontations, not cause.
  • I will listen to both sides of a dispute and act upon fact, not innuendo.
  • I will strive for impartiality and fairness in judgment and disqualify myself from decisions where my judgment may be compromised.
  • I will be the first to praise, the last to criticize.
  • I will always strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
  • I will not bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco or use foul language to/at meetings.
  • I will not come to activities if I am sick.
  • I will clean up after myself and help clean up at activities.
  • I will avoid reckless horseplay.
  • I will leave prejudices, rumors, gossip and backbiting out of activities.
  • I will not cheat or take advantage of fellow crew-members.
  • I will follow all the rules and keep an eye on other visitors of any conventions we are attending. If I notice anything of note, I will report it to the appropriate staff members. I will only assist with security efforts if specifically asked to do so by an authorized member of the convention.

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